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Extra Features 

One of the things that our clients and guests often comment on is that there is always something to look at! At the Barn at Monterey Valley your guests will not be confined to merely the barn. With meticulous landscaping and a variety of special features your guests will be eager to explore the grounds.

Outdoor Fireplace

We have many seating areas outside for guests to gather and mingle with one of our favorites being our gorgeous fieldstone fireplace. When the evening begins to cool at dusk you can rest assured that your guests will be warm and cozy as they gather by the fire.


Cake Window

A display that takes the cake! Our cake window is the perfect showcase for your cake and desserts. Not only does it offer a glimpse of the treats from the inside but a view from the outside as well. Equipped with a sliding glass door our air-conditioned cake window will keep your deserts in pristine condition until serving time.

Outdoor Bar

Made from repurposed pork barrels, our outdoor bar offers a unique serving space. Great for serving drinks it can be used in conjunction with our indoor bar or separately. Additionally, it makes a great serving station for appetizers during cocktail hour. It's even been used for a cigar bar!


The Pond

The pond offers a beautiful backdrop to our grounds. It is fully stocked making it a guest favorite as we offer free fish food and opportunities for fishing (catch and release). 

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